Psalm 91

What the bible says about

Psalm 91

When you’re feeling attacked or afraid, Psalm 91 is a great prayer to read!


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Understanding Psalm 91

What is the message of Psalm 91?

Psalm 91 is often called “the soldier’s psalm” or “prayer for protection” because it seems to have been written from the battlefield. The author expresses concern over feeling attacked and fearful as he is surrounded by danger. His life may be on the line. And yet, he cries out for God’s help and protection, meditating on the truth about His character and provision. At the end of the Psalm, the Lord assures Him that because the writer loves God, he will be protected and rescued.

Who wrote Psalm 91?

The author of Psalm 91 is not stated, so we cannot know with complete certainty. However, Jewish tradition holds to the view that this psalm was written by Moses because some of the themes are consistent with his other writings. Either way, this section of writings was collected by David and incorporated into the book of Psalms we have today!

Does Psalm 91 apply to us in the modern day?

Yes! Although our circumstances may not be the same, God remains the same throughout all time. He still protects us when we are in danger, and he still delivers us from dangerous situations beyond our control. If the news headlines or crime statistics in your region bring anxiety, you can rest in the fact that God promises He will hear you when you ask for His help!

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