Richness of life

Why Do Friendships Fall Apart?

Most humans thrive off of companionship. Friendships have an amazing way of bringing a sense of richness to life. On the same token, friendships can also open us up to the possibility of disappointment. When you go through these highs and lows of experiencing life with another imperfect person, sometimes friendships fall apart.

Follow Jesus’ advice

Becoming a Better Friend

Maybe you’ve been disappointed by past friendships, or maybe you’ve treated others in a way that hasn’t lined up with your values. Jesus is quoted in Matthew’s Gospel, chapter 7, verse 12, as saying “treat others the way you want them to treat you.” This is universally known as the Golden Rule. Taking Jesus’ advice here is the best way to become a better friend. Think about the way you want your friends to treat you and then treat them the same way – or better.

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New Field

Become a better person

Discover Better Friendships

Another way to become a better friend is to focus on becoming a better person. As you grow into a happier, more whole person, you can share that joy and fulfillment in the beauty of friendship. So, if you’re looking to grow as a friend or you’d like to discover new friends, make sure you click to get connected.