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Have you ever searched for a place of belonging? In childhood, we begin a journey to discover our place in this world. We establish our role within our families, as we enter school and even as we enter the workforce. For some, leadership qualities emerge; for others, creative gifts and athletic abilities. We were all made unique, with a different set of skills, interests, and strengths. However, with all of our differences, we were still made to thrive in community.

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In the very beginning, when God made man, He made an observation, “It is not good for man to be alone.” Relationships are a life-giving source of joy, comfort, strength, security, and pleasure. Without relationships, loneliness can set in. As humans, we all have a deep-seated desire to belong – to have a tribe of people in which we know and are known by others. When most people think of church, they often think of a place you go or an event on Sunday mornings with some singing and some talking. But when we read the Bible and study the earliest examples of the church, it is clear that one of the church’s primary functions was to provide a place of community and connection – a faith family, unified in its purpose and its mission.

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