Manage relationships

Seeking Forgiveness

One of the most challenging aspects of life is managing relationships. The Bible makes it clear that God has created people to be in community with one another. Yet, conflict is a natural part of relationship growth and development as people learn how to interact as we grow and life’s challenges arise. There is bound to be conflict at some point, whether you’re dealing with family relationships, marriages, work relationships, and, yes, even with people in our church community. But what happens when you find yourself in conflict with someone and realize that you’ve done something you shouldn’t have done or said something you shouldn’t have said? What do you do when you know that you have crossed a line and hurt or offended someone?

Do not ignore the issue

Is it time to address the issue head-on?

Far too often do we ignore conflicts in our relationships. We sweep minor issues under the rug, and over time, they magnify into more significant problems. Simply ignoring it is the wrong thing to do. That’s just adding insult to injury. Maybe you’ve hurt or offended someone, and you realize that you need to seek forgiveness, and you desire reconciliation with someone. If you find yourself in a difficult situation in a relationship, you can start by putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. Explore the other person’s perspective with compassion and empathy to explore the best pathway forward to heal and restore that relationship.

Do you know how to really forgive others?

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Find Support

Sometimes it can help to have another perspective or a sounding board to help you explore solutions to your relationship issues. If you need some guidance, maybe someone who can coach you through the process of seeking forgiveness from someone, we hope you’ll click to get connected. Someone will reach out to you to give you the support and direction you need.