Serving Others

Have You Ever Needed Help?

Whether you need someone to help you fix a flat tire or to clean up a mess, an extra hand can be a source of relief, joy and comfort. Serving is how we show others that we care.

In the New Testament book we call 1 Peter, the Apostle writes, “Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others”. Now, Peter is specifically talking about spiritual gifts that we receive from God when we become followers of Jesus. But I think that it can also pertain to the natural talents and abilities we learn as a result of our life and experiences.

What’s Your Talent?

Using Your Gifts to Help Others

You may look at others and see how they are able to help others using their talents and wonder how you can help. While others may seem gifted and talented in certain areas, there are other areas where your skills can be useful. Some people have a gift of compassion and helping others, some people are creative and others have hands-on, technical expertise.

You can start by considering what you do for a living, what other people may ask you to help with or even your passions and interests. One thing is for certain – we all need one another in some way or another.

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts


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Spiritual Gifts are special talents or abilities given to followers of Jesus in order to serve the church.

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How You Can Use Your Gifts

Start Serving Others

You might be reading this because you’re wondering how you might be able to use your talents, your gifts, and your passions to serve others. That is a noble quest. Click to get connected and someone will reach out to you to have a conversation about how you can make a difference.