Influence the world

Are You Wired For Impact?

We all have an innate desire to make a difference and to impact others around us. Whether you are helping your children or running a global enterprise, you have an opportunity to influence this world positively. Whatever your passions are, wherever you want to make a difference, you can.

Help others

Discover Joy in Giving

Being a generous person will fill your own heart with as much joy as it does those who you are helping. While saving, investing, and planning is an essential part of being a good steward of the resources that God has given us, being a good manager of those resources also means looking for opportunities to help others who are in need. We have the power to choose to live our lives as a river, rather than a reservoir if God has provided us with the means to live and help others.

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts


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Spiritual Gifts are special talents or abilities given to followers of Jesus in order to serve the church.

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Be generous

You Can Make a Difference

Maybe you’re wondering how you can make a difference. This could look like being a ridiculously generous tipper at a local restaurant, sponsoring a child in a third-world country to ensure that they have meals and medical care, or giving towards projects that make a positive impact in the lives of others. Making a difference could also show up as helping a family member or serving in your local community. If you’d like to discuss this idea further or see what the Bible teaches about generosity and making a difference with your resources, make sure you click to get connected.